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Foss and Derwent Homework set on Thursday 26th March

Posted On 27 Mar 2015
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Literacy –  You wake up on Easter Sunday and the Easter Bunny hasn’t been with all of your Easter Eggs. What has happened to him? Why has he not come?

2 dojos for varying your sentence types


This week we are learning to spell interesting vocabulary to use in our writing next week:

Owls  –  son, won, wolf, front, month, other, mother, brother, above, cover

Bats –    thin, thick, think, thump, thank, bath, moth, path, fifth, thing

Badgers-  knew, threw, through, write, right,  whole , flour, flower,  stare, stair

Foxes  –  suspicious, superstitious, delicious, ambitious, infectious, nutritious, ferocious, spacious, gracious,

Number gym—work through the MUST, SHOULD and COULD challenges!  Don’t move on until you are lightening fast!  But, keep challenging yourself.  Year 3 children should be pleased if they have completed the MUST and  some may well have tried the COULD.  Year 4 should work through MUST and SHOULD and some may have tried COULD. Year 5 children should be working well though the MUST and SHOULD and be working to achieve  the COULD.

Year 3 —have a go at completing the x3, x4 and x6 times table in order in under 1min 30secs then move on to the 3 and 4 X tables in random/mixed order.

Year 4—be successful at the 3 , 4,6 and 9X tables in order and then have a go at them in random order.

Year 5—be successful at the 4, 6, 7 and 9X tables in order and then have a go at them in random order.

Remember – even if you know your number facts keep refreshing your brain so you don’t get rusty.

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