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Successful Skiing in Year 4!

Posted On 12 Jun 2015
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Recount of skiing

At our first week at skiing we were introduced to our instructors, which were Phil and Luke, they were really nice and talented and they made us laugh especially Luke. After that we split into two groups and they taught us how to walk up the hill in a side step and it helped us get up the hill nice and calmly without slipping.. After we learnt all of that we gradually got higher and we went down in a snow plough that kept us from falling over and it slowed us down.

In our second session we then learned how to climb up using the blue powerful rope that a few people slipped on. Then we all fell down because Mrs Caffrey slipped! Once we had conquered the rope we then carefully slid down in a snow plough it was super fun.

The week after that we then tried again with the rope but in the end every one conquered the rope and we were very pleased with our selves.

On our fourth week we did even better and no one was scared at all, which was a big achievement, but we still had a lot to do. We then learned to turn but some of us weren’t ready for that and they still had to learn about the snow plough. But turning was quite hard for some of us.

Our final week we had a little turn on the baby slope and then some of us went on the big BIG slope and Luke taught us how to turn by pushing our left foot down would make us turn right and pushing our right foot down would make us go left and we had a few turns at that and we really enjoyed it. It was so fun and awesome.

By Millie and Rebekah. P6113478P6113470

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