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Year 1 AIRE and OUSE Forest Schools

Posted On 15 Jun 2015
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Today in Forest Schools we had to decide whether a buzzard would make a good neighbour for all the mice, rabbits and squirrels who live in the woods around our school.  We heard that buzzards are fearsome hunters with very good eyesight.  They swoop down to catch their prey.  We decided that it would be safer for the small mammals in the wood if the buzzard lived somewhere else!

We thought about what would make a good nest for a buzzard.  Take a look at some of our designs.

P6010739 P6080746 P6080755 P6010741 P6080756 P6080757 P6080749

Everyone thought hard about what a buzzard might need in its nest.

Next we compared facts about buzzards and red kites.  Ask the children if they can remember anything that is similar about the two types of birds, and anything that is different.

The children know that red kites are very rare, whereas buzzards are much more common, so we are very lucky to have both living very close to us.  Remember to keep a look out for buzzards in the countryside near here.  And if you go near Harewood, you might even see a red kite.

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