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Posted On 03 Jul 2015
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This week all the children in Class Ouse have enjoyed a whole week of Spanish. We wrote letters to a Spanish school. We have met some Spanish visitors who taught us about Flamenco and how to play some Spanish board games. We learnt how to do some Zumba! We also enjoyed trying some Spanish food in the café this morning.

Gracias to Mrs Sadullah! Me gusta Spanish week!!!IMG_0573[1]


“My favourite thing of Spanish week was writing letters to the Spanish school.” – Phoebe Haddock

“My favourite thing in Spanish week was going to the Spanish café.” – Archie

“My favourite thing was the Spanish café. I enjoyed eating the chorizo.” – Ryan

“My favourite thing about Spanish week was when I played cards with Dani.” – Phoebe R

“My favourite thing about Spanish week was the café. I loved the pipas!!” – Blake


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