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Aire Homework Friday 18th September

Posted On 18 Sep 2015
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Aire Homework Set Friday 18th September

Date set: Friday 18th September Due in: Thursday 24th September

Each week we will set homework on a Friday to be handed in the following   Thursday. It is really important that children read every night so please let us know how they are getting on in their planners. They will have spellings which we have practised during the week set, a writing challenge and a maths challenge. This week we are not sending spellings home but the following week they will have a list of spellings which we will check the following Friday.

Writing ChallengePlease practise forming the letters c and d correctly (a sheet will be in your bag to practise on)

Maths Challenge— We have looked at the number gym website this week and practised the first game. Please take about 20 minutes to have a go at the   number bond challenges 1 and 2. Feel free to move on to the next number challenges but children must start from 1 as the activities get harder the higher number challenge. They may also only move on to the next number if they achieve ‘lightening fast!’. It is a great website and is used throughout school to improve children’s mental maths skills. The web address is: www.numbergym.co.uk. When the website details come up, click on schools online and then numbergym suite. Then type in the following username and password:     Username –brotherton     password– wf119hq

Good luck!


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