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New opportunities to share information with parents

Posted On 16 Sep 2015
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Have you ever wondered just what your child gets up to in school? Do you get anxious if when you ask your child what they did at school they say ‘Nothing‘ or ‘ just played’ or when you ask them who they played with at playtime they say ‘ No-one’?

This year we are really intent on trying to increase ways in which we can share information with parents and enable you to get a ‘real feel’ for what goes on day to day – separately to the more formal twice a year parents evening.

In the spirit of social media we have created each class with a Twitter account. This is an excellent way of seeing photos and accessing at your fingertips all that goes on. Its really simple too! You may have seen when you go to the homepage of the website at the right hand side there is a @Brothertonschool twitter feed – this shows all the photos taken – for example last week the parents who’s children were at Robinwood were able to see photos whilst their children were away.

Each class also has their own. All you need to do ( if you are not a twitter user) is put in the following to google:

@BrothertonEYFS – this is for ESK and NIDD class






Choose the class your child is in and you will see a regular stream of activity. You can also put comments on there – clearly this is to encourage or to add positive comments for the children.

We also appreciate that there is nothing that beats actually being in class with your child and so this term each class will offer two afternoons of which you will be invited to attend one to come in, see just what your child is learning, look at books and also talk to the teacher. The classes will be split to ensure all parents and children get quality time. This is in addition to the parents evenings – the first one being Wednesday 18th November.

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