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Derwent Homework set on 9th October

Posted On 09 Oct 2015
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Derwent Homework

Date set: 9th  October

Due in: 15th October

Literacy – Using the picture below and in the homework book can you answer these questions in sentences. Who might live in a house like this?  How did they build this house? 

E.g.  I think a ??????? would live in a house like this because…

This house would be amazing to live in because you would be able to see for miles , however , it would be extremely lonely.

CHALLENGE– For 5 dojo’s try to use other connectives such as so, but, even though, therefore, however

Spellings – Spelling will be tested on a Thursday from now to allow for corrections on Fridays.

Earth –  staff, stiff, off, bluff, stuff, jazz, fizz, whizz, buzz.

Air – key, donkey, money, monkey, honey, journey, trolley, valley, chimney, turkey.

Fire – even, equal, behind, begin, defend, depend, secret, lethal, prevent, depart.

Water-  wasp, wand, water, wash, wander, swan, swap, swamp, squad, squash.


Number gym—work through the MUST, SHOULD and COULD challenges!  Don’t move on until you are lightening fast! 

Year 3 —have a go at completing the x3, x4 and x6 times table in order in under 1min 30secs then move on to the 3 and 4 X tables in random/mixed order.

Year 4—be successful at the 3 , 4,6 and 9X tables in order and then have a go at them in random order.

Year 5—be successful at the All times tables in order and then have a go at them in random order. It would be great if your child knows all the times tables by the time they reach Year 6.

Remember – even if you know your number facts keep refreshing your brain so you don’t get rusty.

Username –brotherton    password– wf119hq

There is now a student login which is you child’s first name and then their first initial of their surname

E.g.      Andyw





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