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Humber Homework 9th October

Posted On 09 Oct 2015
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Humber Homework Set Friday 9th October  

Due in Thursday 15th October


conscious, precious, suspicious, delicious, vicious, spacious, gracious, ferocious, malicious, tenacious

Make sure you know the definition of each word.


Please complete the practice questions on place value.

NumberGym : Please continue to regularly practise on NumberGym – you should be signing your planner each time.


Please continue to read at least 5 times a week and get your planner signed.

Writing Challenge

Write a story opening. Either use one of these images as a starting point or create your own story entirely.

Try to:

  • start with an action e.g. Peering over the edge… or Wading through the waves
  • show don’t tell e.g. She was angry > Her eyebrows were crossed and her fist clenched; her face was bubbling with rage.
  • use personification e.g. The waves danced around me.

vertical_turn_by_alltelleringetPOD - Hurricane

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