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OUSE What’s happening this week 5th October

Posted On 05 Oct 2015
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OUSE What’s happening this week



The sounds we are focussing on this week in phonics are;

‘a’ as in acorn, bacon, apron, angel, station

‘i’, mind, find, wild, blind, kind, behind

‘o’, no, so, cold, don’t, told, hold

‘ou’ as in could, should, would

Our spelling focus this week is ‘ck’, ‘ff’ and ‘zz’ words.


This week in literacy we will be writing a description of a famous fairy tale character. The Big Bad Wolf. Over the week children will build up their skills with, role play, adjectives and connectives to help them write a detailed description. Connectives are words which join sentences together (and, because, so and then). To make our writing really exciting we are also trying to use double adjectives before a noun e.g sharp, silver knife.


Over the week children will be gaining confidence in finding the missing numbers in a number sequence. Counting on and back in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. We will also be continuing to practice using the vocabulary for place value e.g how many tens in 34 and how many ones in 37? What’s the value of 2 in 29?

 Other subjects

Continuing our question of ‘What I need to survive?’ children will learn about the five food groups and how to keep themselves healthy. We will also be learning about personal hygiene and a character called Derty Bertie.



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