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Aire and Ouse Homework w/b 16.1.17

Posted On 13 Jan 2017
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Please continue to practice spellings and reading. Year 1 and 2 homework projects are all about maths this week!

Year 1 spellings: cow, how, owl, gown, brown, town

Year 2 spellings: cry, dry, fly, try, reply, July, parent, father

Year 1 homework project: We have been learning all about o’clock and half past in maths! Choose one day to keep a diary telling us what you have been doing and the times you have been doing them. Please record this diary on your homework sheet.

Year 2 homework project: We have been learning all about division in maths! Find some objects in your house and divide them into equal groups. Can you write some number sentences to go with each problem you solve? Please record your number sentences on your homework sheet.

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