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FOSS Homework week beginning 22nd September

Posted On 22 Sep 2014
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derwent homework

Literacy – Come up with 10 adjectives to describe this island. Use these words in 5 sentences. Remember to up level them by using

Connectives, WOW openers and punctuation


Owls – feed, meet greet, tree, bee, sheep

Badgers – saw, paw, claw, shawl, out, spout, scout, mountain, trout, pout

Foxes – walked, talked, spouted, jumped, waded, hissed, roasted, sorted, lived, checked

Number gym

Have a go at completing the x10 and x5 times table in under 1min 30secs

CHALLENGE – have a go at x3 and x4

Remember – even if you know your number facts keep refreshing your brain so you don’t get rusty.

Username -brotherton

password – wf119hq


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