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DERWENT AND FOSS- Homework Week Commencing 13th October 2014

Posted On 13 Oct 2014
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Literacy – We have been focusing on  using adverbs, action verbs and similes as sentence openers to up level our writing.

Examples of adverbs—quickly, quietly, cautiously       Examples of action verbs—running, racing, shouting

Examples of similes—as soft as the sun, laughing like a hyena

Imagine  an alien landed in the woods near the school.  What would he do, see, feel?  Who would be meet?  Would he want to stay?

Write a short diary of the  alien’s day using a different sentence opener (include an adverb, action verb, simile as a sentence opener if you can)   The diary must be at least five sentences long and no more than ten sentences so make them amazing!)

CHALLENGE:  Earn 2 extra team points if you can use a subordinate clause as a sentence opener to really up level your sentence!  Then an extra 3 team points if  you can add an embedded clause.


This week we are learning key words:

Owls –  high, sigh, might, bright, sight

Bats – (ea) – reach, teach, beach, lead, read,, leaf, leave, weak, speak, heal

Badgers and Foxes –  knee, knock, know, knight, knot, ready, readier, readiest, readiness, readily

Number gym—work through the MUST, SHOULD and COULD challenges!  Don’t move on until you are lightening fast!  But, keep challenging yourself.  Year 3 children should be pleased if they have completed the MUST and  some may well have tried the COULD.  Year 4 should work through MUST and SHOULD and some may have tried COULD. Year 5 children should be working well though the MUST and SHOULD and be working to achieve  the COULD.

Year 3 —have a go at completing the x2 and x3 times table in under 1min 30secs then move on to the 3 and 4 X tables

Year 4—be successful at the 2 , 3 and 4X tables then move on to the 6 and 8X tables.

Year 5—be successful at the 2,3,4,5,6X tables then move on to the 7X tables.

Remember – even if you know your number facts keep refreshing your brain so you don’t get rusty.

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