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Humber Homework. Week Beg 20th October

Posted On 20 Oct 2014
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Create a poster that uses as many adjectives (a word that describes a noun) and nouns (a naming word) as possible. They need  to describe a desert island. for example; dense jungle. You can either use a page in your homework book, a plain piece of paper or design it and print it.  Remember I am looking for as many as possible.


Group 1

vacant fragrant relevant tolerant important vibrant hesitant irrelevant fragrance relevance tolerance importance vacancy vibrancy hesitancy

Group 2

observant expectant hesitant tolerant assistant inhabitant expectancy hesitancy observance tolerance hindrance innocence frequence obedience


Please read as often as you can to your grown up, discuss the text and ask about any words you do not know the meaning of.


Level 3 – page 22 – 23

Level 4 – page 30 – 31

Level 5 – page 30 – 31


Number Gym

How fast can you get your ordered mixed division 9 ?


Please can all homework be returned on or before Friday 24th October.


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