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HUMBER – HOMEWORK week beg 6th October 2014

Posted On 06 Oct 2014
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Write a description of your journey to school, use your senses to tell me about the things that you can see, hear etc. Remember that you can use your imagination to improve your writing. Please underline the adverbs and adjectives that you use. Think about the grammar that we did last week, can you include compound and complex sentences?


Group 1

evident different violent invent advent prevent moment present patient client talent urgent silent decent agent

Group 2

equivalent document independent sufficient apparent experiment permanent tournament opponent frequent ancient incident innocent consistent confident


Please read as often as you can to your grown up and record it in your reading record.



Level 3 Pages 20-21 Rounding

Level 4 Pages 24 – 25 Square Numbers

Level 5 Pages 22 -23 Square Numbers


Number Gym

Let me know how fast you can complete your seven times tables.

All homework should be in by Friday 10th October.

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