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What’s Happening In Derwent And Foss This week?

Posted On 13 Oct 2014
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This week we are writing our diary entry that we have planned.

Spellings, Punctuation and Grammar: 

We are continuing to look at different sentence openers including adverbs, action verbs and similes.



We will be solving focusing on X.

The children in Mrs Fletcher’s group will be looking at using arrays for example


3X4=  12

(put four dots in three groups to find the answer)

Then the grid method, for example 13×3 =

We use dots (arrays) and partition them to make it easier.

XXXXXXXXXX  XXX       10X3= 30

XXXXXXXXXX. XXX        3X3=9                     13X3=30+9=39


The children in Mr Willson’s group will be looking at the grid method for multiplication.

15 x 3=

x 3
10 30
5 15


Topic:  We are looking at google earth and finding islands.  We will also be working on bird eye views when drawing maps, looking at a country and finding information about it such as the culture, food, history, traditions etc and then designing our own island and writing a travel guide for it.

Show and Tell (Derwent Class – Tuesday): 

Megan, JD, Abigail, Rebekah

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