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Derwent and Foss Homework For Week Beginning 24th November 2014

Posted On 21 Nov 2014
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Derwent And Foss Homework

Date set: 20th November Due in: 27th November

Spelling Check Friday

Literacy – Can you find the definition of these key words using a dictionary? (www.collinsdictionary.com)

Owls– angry, lazy, nice, silly, fine

Bats– proud, brave, lonely, calm, sore

Badgers– nervous, selfish, uptight, glorious, eager

Foxes– faithful, elated, zealous, relieved, vivacious

Now put the words into five sentences to show you understand their meaning.


This week we are learning to spell interesting adjectives to add to our writing:

Owls – angry, lazy, nice, silly, fine, ear, fear, hear, dear, earring

Bats –   proud, brave, lonely, calm, sore, oh, their, people, Mr, Mrs

Badgers nervous, selfish, uptight, glorious, eager, knife, knives, loaf, loaves, leaves

Foxes faithful, elated, zealous, relieved, vivacious, impossible, irregular, improbable, invisible, illegal

Number gym—work through the MUST, SHOULD and COULD challenges! Don’t move on until you are lightening fast! But, keep challenging yourself. Year 3 children should be pleased if they have completed the MUST and some may well have tried the COULD. Year 4 should work through MUST and SHOULD and some may have tried COULD. Year 5 children should be working well though the MUST and SHOULD and be working to achieve the COULD.

Year 3 —have a go at completing the x3, x4 and x6 times table in order in under 1min 30secs then move on to the 3 and 4 X tables in random/mixed order.

Year 4—be successful at the 3 , 4,6 and 9X tables in order and then have a go at them in random order.

Year 5—be successful at the 4, 6, 7 and 9X tables in order and then have a go at them in random order.

Remember – even if you know your number facts keep refreshing your brain so you don’t get rusty.

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