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Humber Homework 21st November 2014

Posted On 21 Nov 2014
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How much information can you find out about Neil Armstrong?

Who is he? Where was he born? What did he do?    Find out as much as you can about him, you can use the internet to do your research or look in books. write your information down carefully or type it up on the computer. If you do use the computer please do not just copy and paste huge sections, put it in your own words.


Please read as often as you can to a grown up. Talk about what you have read and ask for the meanings of any words you do not know.


ion endings

Group 1

session explosion passion competition fraction fiction pollution emotion station position

Group 2

demonstration repetition contribution distribution foundation extension exclusion possession electrician discussion


Level 3 –  pages 16 – 17

Level 4 – Mrs E has a sheet for you.

Level 5 – pages 10 – 11

Number Gym

Let Mrs E know how fast you can get your 9 x tables mixed!

Please can all homework be returned on or before Thursday 27th November.

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