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Humber -Homework week ending 21st November 2014

Posted On 14 Nov 2014
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Can you please write a description for this imaginary place. You need to write in full sentences and think very carefully about your word choices.


Group 1 – root words

supermarket superb supernova superhero supernatural photograph autograph graphic microwave microphone microscope preview prevent previous prehistoric

Group 2  Рroot words

automatic autograph autobiography transport translate transaction transfer transparent  circular circumstance circumference telepathy television telephone


Please read as often as you can to an adult at home. Please spend time talking about the text and ask for the meanings of words you do not know. remember to write it down in your reading diary.


Level 3 – pages 25 – 25

Level 4 – pages 18 – 19

Level 5 – pages 18 – 19

Number gym.

Let Mrs E know how fast you can get your mixed 8 times tables.


Please remember that all homework needs to be returned on or before Thursday 20th November.


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