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Humber Homework. Week ending 28th November 2014

Posted On 27 Nov 2014
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You are going to be writing your own autobiography. Can you find out details about your life? Where were you born?  How old were you when you took your first steps and walked? The more information you find out, the easier it will be to write. You can type up the information or write it down neatly in your green book. If you want to,  you can even find a photo of yourself when you were younger to include!


Please read as often as you can to an adult. Talk about what you have read and ask for the meanings of any words you are unsure of.


Group 1

ie patterns

chief handkerchief pierce fierce priest mischief quiet medieval obedient ancient patient science scientific

Group 2

ei patterns

ceiling receive receipt deceit perceive conceit vein rein reign veil weight neighbour foreign


Level 3 – A sheet will be given

Level 4  – Pages 14 – 15

Level 5  – Pages 12 – 13


Number Gym

Please  can you practice all of you times tables.

Homework needs to be returned on or before Thursday 4th December


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