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Humber Homework. Week beg 8th December 2014

Posted On 05 Dec 2014
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Tell me about your best ever Christmas. What happened and why? What gifts did you get? Who was there with you? I would like you to really concentrate on your sentence structure. Think about the styles of sentences that we have been using in our S.P.A.G lessons. You can either type up your work or present it very neatly in your green book.


Please read as often as you can to a grown up at home. Please discuss what you have read and ask for the meanings of any words you do not know.


Both groups

ought patterns

ought bought thought nought brought fought rough tough enough cough although through plough though dough


Level 3 – Pages 42 -43

Level 4 – Pages 44 – 45

Level 5 – Pages 42 – 43

Number Gym

Make sure you have a go at Divisions 1 – How fast are you?

All homework is to be returned on or before Thursday December 11th.

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