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Humber Homework Week Ending 12th December 2014

Posted On 13 Dec 2014
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Please can you write a book review. It needs to be about your favourite book, tell me what it’s about, who the main characters are, where it is set etc. Would you recommend it? Why? You can either type your book review up or present it very neatly in your green book.


Please read as often as you can to a grown up at home. Please discuss what you have read and ask for the meanings of any words you do not know.


Group One

self selves wolf wolves loaf loaves thief thieves scarf scarves half halves wife wives knife knives

Group Two

referred referring differed differing offering suffering preferring preference reference referee potential essential initial substantial partial confidential


Level 3 – Pages 18 – 19

Level 4 – Pages 16 – 17

Level 5 – Pages 16 – 17

Number Gym

Make sure you have a go at Divisions 1 – How fast are you?

All homework is to be returned on or before Thursday December 18th.


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