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Humber Homework (2 Weeks) Set 6th February 2015

Posted On 06 Feb 2015
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Humber Homework

Date Set: Friday 6th February 2015

Literacy and Maths due in Thursday 26th February 2015

(Homework for next week and over half term)

Literacy –   We have looked at different sentence types this week . Please look at the pictures in your book from the previous weeks and write an example of each sentence type below for each picture. So, you should write five sentences for each picture .

  1. Sentence of 3 for action — example: The polar bear ran across the ice, leaped into the air and landed on its mother.
  2. Adverbial starter —example: On the edge of the lake, the crocodile sat enjoying the evening sun.
  3. Noun starter— example: Water droplets slid rapidly down the long, spikey leaves.
  4. Double adjective starter –   example: Dark, charcoal coloured fur protects the mole underground.
  5. Embedded clause— example: Cheetahs, which are the fastest land mammal, live on the African Plains.

Spellings for Friday 13th February                                                    Spellings for Friday 27th February

existence                                                                                                            language

explanation                                                                                                       leisure

foreign                                                                                                               lightning

forty                                                                                                                    marvellous

frequently                                                                                                          mischievous

immediate                                                                                                         necessary

government                                                                                                       neighbour

hindrance                                                                                                          nuisance



This week you have been set two question papers relating to fractions and readings scales for revision. These are both due in on the Thursday after half term but you have the opportunity to complete them     before if you would like to.

Number gymKeep practising your times tables if you have time to make you an amazing mathematician! Remember – even if you know your number facts keep refreshing your brain so you don’t get rusty. Username –brotherton   password– wf119hq



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