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Year 1 AIRE and OUSE Homework week beginning 2nd March 2015

Posted On 02 Mar 2015
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Please spend 5 minutes reading every day.  Make sure you can talk about the book and answer questions about the story or information in it.

Practice reading sounds in your little blue Sound Book each day.  If you like, you can use the book to write the sound or find some words which use that sound, but it is more important that you practice reading a few sounds each day.  Some of you should now have new sounds in your books, so make sure you check and learn the new sounds.  Please bring the blue books to school every day in your book bag, so that we can add new sounds as they are introduced.


In your purple sentence book, you need to write 5 sentences each week.  Try to use a word you have learnt for a spelling test.  Don’t forget capital letters and full stops.  Please remember to bring your book on Mondays for marking.


Learn the following words for a spelling test next Monday (9th March):

Dragonflies: so, gold, cold, told, both

Grasshoppers: like, slide, inside, bike, hide

Ladybirds: fish, wish, shell, shop, shed


Start on the Bond Builder section.  See if you can get ‘lightning fast’ on the challenges.

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