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On a Thursday after school from 3.15 – 4.15pm ALL our Y4, Y5 and Y6 children benefit from our Enrichment sessions.

This includes 3 types of activities, languages, sport and drama.

We are incredibly fortunate in that this enrichment is run by a language, drama and sports specialist – all provided completely FREE OF CHARGE.

Please read below a little more about the activities we offer~:


Drama enrichment sessions are filled with games, teamwork, learning and fun!  We develop performances to present to the whole school and for parents, which helps build pupils’ confidence and self-belief.

Over the course of a year there are a wide variety of activities going on: we could be developing their role-playing and character development skills or exploring a different range of drama genres. All children who come to enrichment will learn to adapt their acting style for different situations. Most importantly the drama enrichment class enables them to explore their imagination and creativity to transport themselves and their audience to a number of different settings. Drama enrichment sessions encourage children to co-operate and discuss their ideas with each other promoting team work and their cohesion to work with others.


Our Spanish enrichment classes enhance and develop the Spanish that is learnt in class at the same time as combining ICT, drama, music, art, collaboration and creativity. In Year 4, pupils will be writing and performing spooky poems as well as planning a Spanish party. They will also be learning about ‘Las Fallas’, a Valencian festival, creating ‘Ninots’ and describing them in Spanish. In Y5, children will use ICT skills to create and present an unusual family. They will also be looking at Spanish artists such as Miró and Picasso and creating artwork linked to Spanish colours and shapes in the target language. In Year 6, children will be developing their repertoire of Spanish verbs in creative ways and inventing games. They will also be finding out more about Spanish festivals including La Tomatina, El Dia de los Muertos and San Fermín.


Mr Jeff runs a sports curriculum enrichment on a Thursday after school. The aims of these sessions are to help your child develop a variety of skills, such as team work, competitiveness, fair play, fitness, endurance and to develop their sporting ability whilst having fun and enjoying themselves. We focus on fun and engaging sports such as Dodgeball, Benchball, Sportshall Athletics and Capture The Flag.