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Welcome to Aire Class!
(Year 1)



Teacher in our class are:

Miss Catterall

Our Day

Every morning we come into class, complete our morning task, which usually involves practising our maths skills, and then have ‘check in’. ‘Check in’ is a time where we come together and check how we are all feeling at the start of the day.

We then have Phonics followed by Phonics Carousel, Guided Reading and English. In the afternoon we do Handwriting followed by Mathematics and Topic. When we are not learning in a group with the teacher, we learn through independent challenges. We love to end the day with story time.

On Wednesday we have our ‘carousel morning’ where we spend time with different teachers. Mr Jeff teaches us P.E., we have Restorative Circles with Mr Metcalfe and we have an outdoor learning session in Forest School or the Allotment so your child will need to bring weather suitable clothing to change into and wellington boots. Your child will have time to get changed into their P.E. kit when they arrive at school on this day and will change back into their uniform before lunch time.


It is important that your child reads 5 times a week. Each morning your child should bring their planner and reading books into the classroom and place them in the planner baskets. Your child will change their book in school weekly. Asking your child questions about their book as you go along will help to develop their understanding and question answering skills. Please write a note in their planner to say they have read with you. It is also great for children to read the same book more than once to increase their familiarity with words and improve their fluency. Your child can also read anything at home, from books to magazines, the back of a cereal packet to a leaflet sent through the post! When your child has read at home 5 times they will get a special stamp in their planner and when they have 5 stamps they will be rewarded with a prize from Mrs Fletcher! We will check your child’s planner regularly to keep up to date with who has read at home and needs their stamps. If your child does not read with you each day they will need to catch up during some of their playtime the following day. 

Useful websites to help your child learn at home: 

If you have any questions please speak to Miss Catterall.


We have a Spanish lesson each week. We develop our speaking and listening skills and learn how practice helps us remember. We learn greetings, colours and numbers as well as other vocabulary such as fruit, parts of the body, animals and vocabulary from stories. Our lessons include songs, stories and games to make language learning fun!. 

Some of our favourite songs:


Thank you for your continued support.