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School Development Priorities 2020/2021


Every year we review our key priorities to improve our school.  This year, as school reopens to all our children during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are focusing on three key elements:

Recovery, Reading, Remote Learning



Teaching and Learning 

1.1 Implementation of a recovery curriculum plan focused on rapid progress in learning across all subject areas after COVID-19 whole school closure, ensures the % of children achieving age expected or above progress across all subjects is in line with national.

1.2     A comprehensive remote teaching and learning plan ensures children receive a challenging, broad and balanced curriculum in circumstances where they cannot attend school due to COVID-19 isolation/lockdown.  

1.3     Improve progress and attainment of reading ensuring all children achieving expected or above progress in line with national and fostering a love of reading and nurturing life long readers.

1.4     Improve challenge to deepen children’s knowledge and skills across all curriculum subjects.

1.5     Improve teaching and learning of phonics across Key Stage 1 and 2 ensuring children achieve at least age expected progress and attainment in reading and writing.

1.6     Improve presentation and handwriting in books across all subjects.


1.7     Ensure implementation of curriculum intent is embedded and evidenced.

1.8     Embed progression of key vocabulary, including understanding words in context, across all curriculum subjects.

Outcomes for Children

1.9     COVID-19 catch up funding is used effectively, ensuring disadvantaged and vulnerable children make rapid progress.

1.10   The progress of disadvantaged and vulnerable children is at least in line with non disadvantaged children from the same starting points.

1.11   The % of children achieving expected or above progress across all subjects is at least in line with national.


2.1    Embed Restorative Practice to ensure all children have positive behaviour and attitude to their learning and others after returning from COVID-19 home learning. 


3.1   Effective delivery of PSHE and Sex and Relationship curriculum ensures children have a positive mindset, are respectful and take responsibility.

3.2   Pupils’ understanding of the fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance.

3.3   School provides high quality pastoral support to children and families ensuring children are mentally healthy after returning from COVID-19 home learning.


4.1   Ensure staff and children have positive mental health after returning from COVID-19.

4.2   Subject leaders understand their accountability, using patterns in attainment and progress across all curriculum areas, to ensure all pupils achieve at least expected progress.

4.3   NQT and RQTs are effectively developed and supported to achieve at least good teaching resulting in improved outcomes for all children. 

4.4   Governors ensure school curriculum vision and intent is implemented effectively, addressing the needs of the children after COVID-19.


5.1 Children in Early Years plug gaps in learning as a result of COVID-19 ensuring GLD is above national.

5.2      A clear oracy programme ensures children make rapid progress with speaking and listening skills. 

5.3     Key phonics knowledge is applied effectively in children’s writing.

 5.4     Targeted focus on fine motor skills ensures improved outcomes in children’s writing.