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Raising Awareness of National Haemophilia Day at Brotherton

Posted On 16 Apr 2015
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This post has been written by Mrs Brown with Oliver in Y5 who has asked us, along with his family to raise awareness tomorrow of National Haemophilia Day.

Oliver has had haemophilia from birth and tells me that he doesn’t think about it much on a day to day basis but he has to be careful not to get bumped or banged because his body doesn’t really know how to stop a bleed inside!  He also tells me that for him it means he cant play contact sport – apart from football until he is 15 and also contact rugby but he can play tag rugby! Regular visits to hospital enable his blood to be checked and the doctors make sure his ‘factor’ is ok – he tells me that people with haemophilia have less ‘factor’ in their blood.

Together, we have decided to invite everyone in our school tomorrow to wear the colour RED and to bring a donation for the Haemophilia society.

Look out for further photos tomorrow and thank you from Oliver and his family for the donations.

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