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NumberGym Update

Posted On 21 Sep 2015
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In school we have been encouraging all our children to use NumberGym. NumberGym helps to boost children’s number bond and tables knowledge and now includes a new mental maths trainer.

NumberGym has been updated so that your child’s data will be saved at home and in school so everyone can see the progress they are making and they do not lose their awards! Here are the instructions to log on:

  1. Go to the NumberGym website – http://www.numbergym.co.uk/  (click on online access)
  2. Log in with the school’s username and password which is:

Username- brotherton  Password- wf119hq        (all lower case)

3. You will then be asked to enter a student login. Your child will need to enter their first name and                then the initial of their surname.

Example for Joe Bloggs:    joeb

Also in KS2 please could you sign your child’s planner to show they have been practising at home.


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