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Money saving offer : Buying digital copies of your child’s school photo

Posted On 10 Nov 2015
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It has been brought to our attention that if you have more than one child at school then you can save some money buying their recent school photos by buying the digital copies on CD.  They will put both photos off one individual card onto a CD for £22.50 and will add further sets of photos onto the same CD for just £10 per set.  Here’s what you need to do if you want to order like this:

  1. Tick the box G on each photo card to indicate you want photos onto CD.
  2. Put them all into one envelope to return to school.
  3. Write a note to explain that you want all the photos on just one CD.
  4. Include payment as detailed above:£22.50 for the first set then £10 for each additional set.

Once you have bought the CD you also own the copyright for the images and are then free to do whatever you want with the photos-send them to people digitally or print copies yourself or for very reasonable prices at a photo shop.

Please note-this is only available for the photos of your own children and not for the class photos.  Class photos can only be bought as prints.

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