At Brotherton and Byram CP Academy we teach our children to have a greater understanding of the world around us.

Next week our children will be exploring the value of respect for each other and the wider community during British Values week.  We will be learning to respect our differences and celebrate uniqueness. Our week will lead us on a journey to explore the global community and develop a greater understanding of other cultures. This will be launched by a very special visitor, Yesmein, whom will immerse the children in her culture through role play exploring Kashmiri cooking, dressing up, Urdu story telling and writing, and the issues of prejudice and racism. Following this we are lucky enough to have a specialist from the Centre for Global Education in school to talk to the children about respect within the Global community. He will be delivering workshops to teach the children about his culture and how we respect and help each other within the wider community. What a range of exciting learning opportunities coming our way – watch this space!