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School Update 8.1.21

Posted On 08 Jan 2021
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Dear Parents/Carers,

Well what a week it has been!  I cannot believe it is only the first week back after our Christmas break.  

Firstly I would like to thank you all so much for being so understanding of the situation we are in and working with us to make sure our children get the best learning they possibly can as we start another lockdown.

Thank you to all those parents as well who attended the zoom meeting this week.  I appreciate that, because of the timing of the meeting and notice given, not all parents would be able to attend so will be sending out an information sheet about remote learning and what was discussed in the meeting.  

Since the meeting, I have taken on board comments from parents and how we can manage remote learning effectively, balancing work and family commitments at home.  We have also considered other aspects of the delivery of lessons and will be sharing recorded lessons instead of live lessons at the moment.  We expect Key Stage 2 children who are working remotely to work independently at home with support from the teacher in school but for Key Stage 1 and Early Years children, they will need more support from you.  Sharing recorded lessons will give parents who need to support their children more flexibility. 

We have timetabled for children in Key Stage 2 to work at home as though they were at school, so checking in by 9am and working as per the timetable.  For Key Stage 1, please can children check in as soon as possible but by 9.15am.  Mr Greene will be checking in on families during the week.  We expect children to work as much within the normal school day as possible, starting at 9am and finishing at 3pm.  During that time teachers will give feedback.  I will share all the information with you next week, but please let us know if your child has any issues with home learning and we can work together to support them.  

I hope everyone is ok and all the children who are learning at home are finding the transition back into home learning alright.  We are here if any child or parent needs anything.  

When this is all over, what a celebration we will have!

Keep strong and keep safe,

Many many thanks for everything you are doing,

Mrs Fletcher

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