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101 Things To Make You Smile

Posted On 07 May 2020
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Cut out 15 squares of paper. On 3 squares, write ¡AY CARAMBA! It’s a phrase that means Oh no!

The rest of the squares need a colour and/or word on. You can choose from the words below or choose your own spanish words. Younger learners can use some words twice so it is easier.

Pink = rosa

Yellow = amarillo

Red = rojo

Green = verde

Blue = azul

Negro = black

White = blanco

Purple = morado

Brown = marrón

Gris = grey

Turquesa = turquoise

Dorado = gold

Fold all the papers and put them in a hat. Set a timer to 3 minutes. Take turns to pick out a piece of paper. When you have said the colour (you can help each other with this bit) you can keep the card. BUT if you get AY CARAMBA, put all your cards back! The winner is the person with the most cards when the timer goes off.

Señora Sadullah

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