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Our experience at the transition day at Sherburn High…Y6

Posted On 16 Jan 2015
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On Wednesday 14th January, Humber class experienced a transition day at Sherburn High School: Y6 classes from all around the area such as Sherburn Hungate, Athlestan Primary, Fairburn Primary and many more were there.

Transition day involved lots of activities with other schools however the main activity was designing a personal butterfly with the table we were stationed at – a big well done to Table 9 for winning the competition.

All Year 6 classes enjoyed their visit to Sherburn High , plus some Y6s managed to see some familiar faces there!


When you first walked down the path, what did you feel the school was going to be like?

“I felt it would be a really well behaved school with no bullying”

“I thought it would be a school with student role models”

Did you feel that this school was the right one for you?

“I sure did feel that this school is for me as its presence was outstanding and it has easy transport to and from the local bus stop”

“Even though I am not going to this school as it is not in my home catchment, I believe it would be the best school for all my friends here”


Humber really enjoyed their visit to Sherburn High – we hope that all the children who are going there enjoy their time there and we wish you the best of luck


Written by Josh and Megan – Humber

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