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Posted On 16 Mar 2015
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Miss McGuinns staff profile

A few weeks back a group of Brotherton bloggers (Megan, Joshua and Rohan] paid Miss McGuinn a visit and gave her an interview for the school website

Miss McGuinn has given us permission to write this interview so that the children can read it.

What made you want to work at this school?

All the wonderful children and teachers . I thought I could make a difference here [ Miss McGuinn has made a big difference ]

Do you like your job as home school pastoral manager? Why?

I love my job most of the time. It can make me sad if people are having problems but mainly it’s lots of fun and very very rewarding .

Do you find it easy working in this school?

When we all work as a team my job is really easy . Especially now we have lots of wonderful Year 6 role models.

Have you ever told a lie?

Of course not! [says Miss McGuinn laughing her head off]

How much has the peer mentors helped?

The peer mentors have been so helpful in solving problems at playtime especially with looking after the younger ones. I am very proud of all of them.


Thank You Miss McGuinn for saving time for these questions.

Megan, Joshua and Rohan

Year Six.

r mcguinn website

The wonderful Miss McGuinn…

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